Adoption Story: Etta

A Bloodhound as been a dream dog for us for many years. My boss, Beth (a tireless advocate for animal adoptees) sent me a video LHS posted of Lady Bird on Facebook, one puppy out of an entire litter of Bloodhounds acquired by LHS.  While we always said we would adopt an older dog, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. The next day (after more coaxing and bribing from the formidable Beth) I made the ever fateful decision to “just go meet her.” She was placed in my lap and laid her sweet, wrinkly, floppy, face on my shoulder and my heart was irrevocably gone. She is the ultimate hide-and-seek partner and excellent napping buddy. 

I hope eventually to make contact with all of her siblings’ humans so we can share stories and photos of the babies as they grow, so if that’s you, look us up on Facebook under ‘Lawrence Humane Society’s Bloodhound litter 2020!'”

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