Adoption Story: Marla

My name is MacKenzie and I adopted Marla a little over a year ago now from LHS. I was told I was her fourth adopter but her first forever home. She is my best friend and the smartest dog I have ever met. We conducted a DNA test and we’ve learned that she is a dutch shepherd pitbull mix. She knows so many tricks now such as sit, stay, lay down, here, go lay down, no beg, load up, unload, and shake. She loves every dog she meets and loves having a little sister (the yellow lab named Alabama). I changed her name to Maya but I know the crew at LHS knew her as Marla. She is a very happy girl with a beautiful life with her mom (me), my boyfriend who adopted her with me, and her little sister. She loves our families, children and elderly alike. She is the most perfect dog I could have asked for. She is also registered as an ESA now so we will never be apart. She is the biggest cuddle bug and loves to love more than anything! Well…almost anything – running fast is a close second! I wanted to update you on her new life and thank you for giving her and I this chance with each other as a family! Thank you again, and I hope that you can continue to find homes for all dogs in Lawrence who need it. Thank you.

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