Adoption Story: Karma

“Our previous dog, Kira, was also adopted at LHS. She passed away in May, a couple months after COVID started. We were so sad, and there were so many other things to grieve like not being able to see family and not having a commencement after I finished graduate school. We thought we’d wait awhile […]

Adoption Story: Tundra

Tundra has been a Lawrence Humane resident for several months. This lovely couple had been fostering Tundra off and on during that time. Each time they talked about possibly adopting him, they would receive a phone call about a potential adopter and take Tundra up to the shelter for a meet. The first meeting with […]

Adoption Story: Tom

“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much our family is enjoying Tom. He has adapted wonderfully. He loves holding a tennis ball while getting belly rubs, giving kisses and using his new brother, Gus, as a pillow. He has been great for Gus. Gus was lonely after our other […]

Adoption Story: Marla

My name is MacKenzie and I adopted Marla a little over a year ago now from LHS. I was told I was her fourth adopter but her first forever home. She is my best friend and the smartest dog I have ever met. We conducted a DNA test and we’ve learned that she is a […]

Adoption Story: Zeke

“A little over a month ago our senior tripod husky passed away and it was pretty tough to deal with. Maybe a week or so after that happened, I got a message about a husky at Lawrence Humane who was ALSO a tripod. I knew the timing was too coincidental and decided we had to […]