We are distributing approximately 5,000 pounds of pet food per month, feeding anywhere from 400 to 700 pets in 120 to 200 households. The need in our community is ongoing.

We will send you flyers, social media graphics, and all the messaging you need making

it super duper easy to start a pet food donation drive! Email our marketing department to get started!

Becoming a recurring Crisis Pet Retention donor ensures we can continue to provide support to those who need it most. The ultimate goal of this program is to keep beloved pets out of the shelter and with their people.

We have a variety of pet foods on our Amazon Wishlist at every price point. By choosing the “subscribe & save” option, you save money and we receive food to feed hungry pets on a regular basis!

Perhaps you have switched brands of pet food or cat litter. Don’t throw it out – we’ll happily take your open bag of food! You can drop any food, litter, or treats at the tables outside our doors. Our address is 1805 E. 19th Street in Lawrence, KS.