Hi! I'M Ambrosia.


Why hello there! So nice to see you, I’m so glad you could come. Pets? Why, thank you! And hello to you. Glad you could make it! No pets? That’s quite all right. Welcome! How are you today? Oh how kind of you, yes I would love some pets! Every good home and social gathering needs a calm, experienced hostess and as you can see, I know exactly how to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome! I like to make sure everyone’s doing all right, that those who want to pet me get a chance to do so, and I don’t bother those who somehow aren’t interested in petting me. (We all have our little quirks!) And when the event’s over? I’ll make sure everyone enjoyed themselves and that everyone gets a chance for one last pat before they go. I’m a smooth mingler and I rarely jump or bark at people, even strangers. I also like to make sure your home life is peaceful and relaxed; I pride myself on being low-maintenance. (That’s a polished way of saying that I like lots of naps, cuddles, and belly rubs!) I do have one requirement, however: No dogs or children under 10. They just don’t behave themselves to my standards, I’m afraid! Let’s have a little get-together of our own – I’m at LHS every day between noon and 5 p.m. See you soon!

My name is Ambrosia
I am a Female, Brown Brindle, Boxer.
The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old.
I weigh approximately 67 pounds.
My adoption price is $150.
I have been at the shelter since 07/28/2022.
This information was refreshed 15 minutes ago and may not represent all of the animals at the Lawrence Humane Society.

Adoptions Update

Video Matchmaking Appointments Until We’re Past COVID-19 Threat

  • Anyone interested in adopting a dog can sign up for a matchmaking appointment. Appointments can be made on the Best Friend Finder Page.
  • The matchmaking adoption counseling appointments will be held via video conferencing. One of our trained adoption counselors will match you with a recommended dog fitting your wants and needs.
  • Shelter staff will then coordinate a time and place for you to pick up your new pet from its current foster parent.
  • All recommendations from health officials for social distancing will be observed during the scheduled pet pickups.
  • This is for dogs only. We are currently developing a strategy for cat adoptions.