Adoption Story: Mac & Cheese

We went into the Humane Society with the intention of adopting one kitten, but as soon as we saw Mac & Cheese playing together in their kennel we knew we couldn’t adopt just one. They don’t resemble each other at all and have totally different personalities, but I adore them. Mac is my handsome, affectionate, ornery little guy! He is the one who gives definition to the term “curiosity killed the cat.” When he’s not knocking things off tables or playing in the blinds to try to get a better view of the birds, he’s my little buddy. He loves to get up on my chest and snuggle. I lost my mom in May 2019 and Mac was totally my therapy kitty, always laying on my chest and snuggling. 

Cheese is my chunky lap kitty who loves boxes and occasionally tapping a catnip toy around as long as it doesn’t take too much effort. He doesn’t get in your face and want to rub all over you like Mac does, but he loves to lay in your lap and get his ears and belly rubbed, and his purr is real loud. 

Mac weighs about 12 lbs, whereas Cheese weighs 23 lbs. We’ve been feeding them Iam’s Indoor Weight Control, but since it doesn’t seem to do much for Cheese we are now feeding them separately and Cheese gets vet recommended Science Diet Metabolism. The vet says he’s healthy, just a big boy :-).  They get along great with our Lab Daisy and we adore our boys :-).

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