Adoption Story: Ember

“We had our 16 year old dog put down on June 1st of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. She could barely get up and was making messes all over the place. It was a rough choice for all of us. That night, I looked at the Humane Society website for the first time because we were all so sad. Luna completely stuck out in my mind. Got to love those light blue eyes! Three days later it was my birthday and I turned to my wife and told her something is missing. “I’m going to go get a dog.” She said ok without hesitating and told me to take our daughter to get the new pup. 

We fell in love at first sight. Luna, now Ember, was so friendly and energetic, giving us what we were missing. She is amazing and loves to play with any dog around the neighborhood. We are so appreciative for you passing her on to us. She can also open doors and loves to run, so if you see a Siberian Husky running around the east side of town, it’s probably ours.”

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