Pets Heal Hearts – Lawrence Humane Love from LA
I started fostering in the Spring of 2016 with two kittens, Casbah and Dempsey, two little hamburgers. This quickly escalated into several more “rental kittens” over the next three years, and eventually, several dogs. We have two cats and a dog of our own, and the Lawrence Humane Society was always awesome about helping us find the right foster match for our home and resident critters. 
My husband was getting his PhD from KU and I was working full time while we fostered. I think a lot of people think they can’t foster because they aren’t home full time, but that’s silly! All of our fosters, kittens and dogs alike, have thrived being out of the shelter and getting a break, even while we were at work.  It is so rewarding to watch a dog decompress in their time away from the shelter. One pup in particularly, Mikey (now Felix!), was struggling in the shelter. He stayed with us for about a month, and turned into a snuggle bug who loved to go for runs, play with other dogs, and love on his people. He was adopted and has an awesome life, and I feel so lucky to have helped him be the best pup to find his best home. Kittens are hilarious to foster, they’re maniacs, and they’re just ridiculous to have around!
We have since relocated to Los Angeles for work, and I still keep up with LHS and the foster group. I cannot say it enough – it is so cool to give an animal some space to decompress, grow, get healthy, or just hang out for a little bit, before they go on to their next phase in life with their own people. I know that I’ll be fostering no matter where I live thanks to my awesome beginning with the Lawrence Humane Society. 

– Kait

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