Grace the Go-Getter

The Lawrence community is fortunate to have so many talented and wonderful people who donate their time, energy, money, and much more. One particular member of our community stands out – this wonderful young woman, Grace.Instead of gifts for her birthday, this spunky 9-year-old asked all her friends for donations to the Lawrence Humane Society! She also raised money online to sponsor an animal’s adoption fee. Grace’s mother and grandfather brought her to the shelter on a sunny Friday afternoon bearing bags upon bags of needed items from our wish list! Grace is no stranger to the Humane Society but still enjoys every chance she gets to visit. She met several cats, walked around to see all the dogs, and even met a few bunnies while she was here! Since she’s all grown up now with 9 years under her belt, she was excited to talk to our staff about becoming a junior volunteer.  We are thankful for Grace’s dedication and love for animals!

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